Musical Instruments

We have an impressive collection of guitars, woodwinds, speakers, and more! No matter what kind of musical instrument you’re looking for, we are sure to have just what you need. Shop our large selection of musical instruments today in Olympia Fields!

1957 Gibson Les Paul Special Electric Guitar


Dean Tagliare Private Label Electric Guitar


Ibanez SRX EX Bass


Johnson Bass


Dean Dave Mustaine Series Electric Guitar with Case


Ventura Electric Guitars – Various Colors


Spectrum Electric Guitar


Main Street Electric Guitar


Ibanez AEG10 BK Acoustic / Electric Guitar


Ventura Acoustic/Electric Guitar Dreadnaught – Various Colors


Ventura Half Size Acoustic Guitars – Various Colors


Washburn Lyon Series Electric Guitar


Reverend Jet Stream Electric Guitar


Takamine G Series Acoustic / Electric Guitar

Peavy Transtube 110 EFX Amplifier


Peavy Stereo Chorus 400 Amplifier

Peavy Vypyr Amplifier


Acoustic A40 Amplifier


Crate GFX 120 Amplifier


Line 6 Spider III 15 Amplifier


Pyle PVAMP 20 Amplifier


Kona KCS 15 Amplifier



Boss DD-20 Digital Delay Pedal


Peavy S58 4 S Speakers


DPI Loudspeaker Studio Series



Yamaha Clarinet


Vito Clarinet


Selmer Clarinet


Jupiter Clarinet


Selmer Oboe


Gemenhardt Flute


Mohner “Chromonica” Harmonica

M. Hohner Chromonica Harmonica

Various Instrument Accessories