You can surely find the perfect earrings at J&S Gold & Diamond Exchange! We have many different styles that you’ll love as a gift for someone special and yourself. Shop our beautiful selection of studs, hoops, and drop earrings today in Olympia Fields!

1.00ctw Diamond Inside/Outside Hoops in 14k White Gold | 9793-11

1.00ctw Diamond and 14k Gold Studs | 9536-1

Pearl and 18k Yellow Gold Studs | 11436-15

Assorted Earrings

Pearl and 14k Yellow Gold Drops | 11436-19

Pearl and 10k Yellow Gold Drops | 11436-14

0.12ctw Diamond and Black Pearl Earrings | I-2353

Pearl and 14k Yellow Gold Earrings | 11436-16

0.25ctw Diamond Studs | 10494-11

Gold and Diamond Studs | 8151-1

0.15ctw Diamond Princess Studs | 10420-11

Diamond and 14k Yellow Gold Studs | 7012-1

0.50ctw Diamond Studs | 9637-2

Gold and Diamond Studs | I-2177

0.33ctw Diamond and 14k Gold Studs | 11185-11

1.10ctw Diamond and 14k White Gold Studs | 11053-1

1.90ctw Diamond Studs | 8778-1

0.75ctw Diamond Studs | 11341-11

0.30ctw Diamond Drop Earrings | I-2483